Nathalie Schneuwly

MAS Excellence in Food, zhaw


Languages: German, English, French



Advice on legal issues and cooperation in the management of the association.


Employee since 2019, previously several years of practical experience in quality management, most recently as the person responsible for food law and declarations at a well-known well-known Swiss food manufacturer.


  • „Kann [...] enthalten“ – Deklaration von Allergenkreuzkontakt im europäischen Kontext
    BEHR'S Food & Recht PRAXIS 4/2019
  • Produktbezogenes Change-Management in der Lebensmittelindustrie
    MAS-Arbeit (MAS Excellence in Food, zhaw / foodward), 2018
  • Grenzwerte für die Deklaration von Allergenkreuzkontakt im europäischen Kontext
    Abschlussarbeit, (CAS Lebensmittelrecht, zhaw und Europa Institut UNIZH), 2018
  • From local “ecological citizenship” to an international norm on sustainable food
    Bachelorarbeit (Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, UNIGE), 2015